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Friday, November 26, 2010


Steve Wears A Dress
A book by Hope Alexander
for men who wear
women's clothing and the
women who love them.
This light hearted, non
threatening guide to men
wearing women's clothing
is designed to tickle the
fancy of men who wear
women's clothing and to
provide a resource for the
special people in their lives
who may not entirely
understand the
17 action packed pages
along with charming
illustrations guaranteed to
soften even the most
granite of exteriors.
This is a question I ponder
when I hear from men who
are trapped in relationships
with women. ( No, I'm not
singling out women as the
bad gals here, it's just that
most men who wear
panties tend to be straight,
and a great proportion of
them tend to be married as
Oftentimes it seems that
some women have a
particularly snarky reaction
to men wearing panties.
They think it means that
the man in question is less
of a man, they think it
looks strange, they think
men shouldn't do that sort
of thing. Ironically, these
are often same women
who will put on their
boyfriend's shirt and walk
around the house
expecting him to think they
look adorable. Imagine
their horror and dismay if
their boyfriend responded
to the traditional donning
of their shirt with "That's
disgusting, take that off,
you look like a man!"
Imagine if these women
were told not that they
only couldn't wear their
boyfriend's or husband's
shirt, but they also would
no longer be allowed to
wear trousers in public.
Imagine the furore that
would cause. Feminists
would be up in arms, there
would be marches on local
and national governing
bodies. Women would
never accept a social
dictum that said they had
to swap their jeans,
pantsuits, shorts and all
other manner of manly
dress, and instead don
skirts and dresses for the
rest of their days. Yet men
are supposed to simply
accept the fact that they
are not allowed even to
wear the underclothes that
are typically associated with
Have we gone mad?
Seriously. Are we, as a
society, utterly insane?
It's one thing not to like
the aesthetics of a man in
lingerie. That is a personal
preference and nobody can
argue that. We're all
entitled to our likes and
dislikes. But the feeling
that pervades our society
tends to go far beyond
simple likes and dislikes. It
goes so far as to oftentimes
place value judgments on
men who wear women's
panties. They're effeminate.
They're probably gay.
They're not real men.
For all our social
advancement, for all our
equality, for all our
encouraging women to be
all that they can be, for
some reason we seem to
have left men out of the
picture entirely. Not only
out of the picture, but
back in the dark ages.
There is this concept that
women can do anything,
be anything, wear anything.
But a man, a man has to
be some blend between a
Neanderthal and Keats. He
must be soulful, yet
rugged. He must dress well,
in one of the four main
modes of dress we allow
him (Business, Business
Casual, Casual, and Sports.)
He must be a strong
provider, (though we are
thankfully moving towards
a more reasonable equality
where some men stay at
home and look after
children whilst their female
partners work.), and he
must know how to mount
shelves. (I think that's
actually in the wedding
vows for men.)
Not only must he live up to
all these expectations, but
prejudices still exist against
males when it comes to
child custody. Just look at
what Britney Spears had to
do in order for Kevin
Federline to gain custody
of the children. Simply
flashing her genitals all
over the world and shaving
off all her hair wasn't
enough. It wasn't until she
skipped several drug tests,
refused to show up to
court several times, and
finally barricaded herself in
the bathroom with her
children and a firearm that
full custody went to Kevin
Federline. (Who,
incidentally, had kept his
winky out of public view
the entire time.)
I know I've strayed from
the point, but in a sense,
this is the point. The fact is,
a proportion of men enjoy
wearing lingerie. There's
certainly no harm in it, yet
there is a huge stigma
associated with it, a stigma
that I propose comes from
the fact that men are being
forcibly kept in roles that
are outmoded, outdated,
and make them frustrated
with their partners and
with themselves.
Enough. Surely we have
advanced to the point
where what a man wears
under his jeans doesn't
matter any more than
what a woman wears over
her panties? Sadly, we
haven't. And I think that's
something worth thinking
about the next time we
start congratulating
ourselves for being so
advanced and egalitarian.
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