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Friday, November 26, 2010


Experience the Magic of
Kerala Tourism
Kerala is really a wonderful
destination for all types of
travelers. The place is full
of wonderful tourist
destinations. The place
witnesses a heavy flow of
travelers from different
parts of the world. The
place has variety of
traveling options including
beaches, backwaters,
pilgrim centers,
waterfalls, houseboats,
ayurvedic spas, museums,
forts & palaces, hill
stations, wildlife and
historical monuments.
All these attractive place
completely makes the
tourist to tie with it
Although the state of
Kerala offers so many
options to the travelers but
the highlight of Kerala
tourism has to be its
backwaters and beaches.
It is a network of
interconnected rivers,
canals, and lakes. There is a
wide range of beach and
backwaters destination in
the state are Fort Kochi,
Fort Bekal, Kumarakom,
Kovalam, Varkala, and
Kuttanad many more. One
cannot even think of
finishing his/her indian tour
and without exploring its
beautiful beaches and
Beauty of Kerala (India)
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Beauty of Kerala (India)
Kovalam, beach, tourism,
Kerala, India
Kovalam Beach
Kovalam beachis the most
popular beach hangouts in
South Indian ,cradled
between two sweping
beaches. It is located
around 13km downtown
from the capital city of
kerala- trivandrum .Owing
to its natural beauty,today
Kovalam beach is referred
to as the “Paradise of the
South”,with steep palm
covered headlands that
gives it a ravishing look.
Though Kovalam is
pleasant throughout the
year the best time to visit
Kovalam is from
September to May. The
peak season is between
mid-December till mid-
January. Kovalam was
brought to the public eye
by the Maharaja of
Travancore. Apart from the
usual sunbath and
surfing , many marine
activities are possible at
Kovalam. The local
fishermen provides sunrise
and sunset cruises in fishing
boats. Kovalam has plenty
of hotels, resorts and
ayurveda resorts.
Restaurants provide
western style as well as
Indian food offering best
seafood specialties,in
which the fish is catched
fresh from the sea at
Kovalam. Ayurvedic
massage parlors, yoga
centers and water sport
facilities, makes Kovalam a
popular haven for tourists
from all over the globe.
This marvellous beach is a
tourist's dream come true.
Beach Holidays -Video By
Department of Tourism
Beach Poll
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Veli Lake
Marine Drive (Fort
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Kumarakom - Serene
beauty of Kerala
Kumarakom Lake
Kumarakom Lake Resort
being India’s Leading Resort
2007-08 awarded by the
World Travel Awards,which
is Asia's largest
freshwater lakes. The
resort with true comfort
and tradition ensure the
creation of truely
memorable experience.
The Vembanad Lake is a
giant water reservoir
located just 15 km from
Kottayam town. The Lake is
famous for its exceptional
scenic beauty, lush green
surroundings and exciting
boat cruises.
The Kumarakom Bird
Sanctuary on the eastern
banks of the Vembanad
Lake is a favorite haunt of
migratory birds shelters a
wide variety of fauna. Enjoy
an unforgettable boat
cruising on the Vembanad
Lake and explore its scenic
beauty and rich fauna.
Most of the luxury
houseboat cruises start
from the Vembanad Lake
jetty and enter the
enchanting Kerala
backwaters.The resort
owners about 50 air
conditioned traditional
cottages spread over 10
acres serving 250 guests per
day that makes it sociable
rather than crowded.
Houseboat ride on
Vembanad Lake at sunrise
and sunset will be an
unforgettable memory in
one ’s life.The lake, an
enchanting picnic spot and
a fast developing
backwater tourism
destination, provides
boating, fishing and sight
seeing experiences that are
truly exhilarating. Or go
ahead and. enjoy a
memorable holiday in the
heart of Kerala ’s own lake
Veli lake, Kerala
Veli Lake: Spent An
Evening Leisure
Veli Lake is a unique inland
lake, separated by a narrow
sand bar from the Arabian
Sea , located 8kms from
Thiruvananthapuram is a
fine little tourist village.A
beautiful land scapped
garden and facilities for
swimming,boating etc in
the lake adds thousands of
visitors every month. The
place is blessed with a calm
serene atmosphere. Motor-
driven safari launches,
powerboats and pedal
boats or rowboats in the
Tourist Village explore
the charm of the Veli lake.
Children’s park,waterfront
park, floating bridge to the
island, a newly build
floating restaurant,
boating, swimming and
water-sports opportunities
make VeliLake a lively
place in
tourism map.
Shanghumukham beach
which is a favorite haunt
for sunset watchers is
adjacent to VeliTourist
Village. Of course, Kerala
tourism department has
spent most money and
efforts for the
beautification of this
tourism village for enjoying
the sight of Arabian Sea
receiving the big orange
sun in the evening.
Kerala Backwaters
Famous Backwaters of
Kochi(Cochin) ,the Queen
of the Arabian Sea , is a
group of islands on
LakeVembanad which
opens out in to the
Arabian Sea.The major
tourist attractions are
island,Chinese fishing
nets in cochin harbor ,
Vyppin, Gundu and
Vallarpadam.It is one of
the finest natural harbors
of the world. Many
backwater cruises begin or
end in Cochin. The
backwaters extent east and
south of the harbour and
contain tiny islands formed
naturally by alluvial
deposits.This natural
advantage made Kochi a
fascinating blend of the
cultures and influences the
explorers and traders who
visited this wealthy
land.The main tourist
attraction of kochi is
visiting these islands on the
local ferries. Houseboats
on backwaters of Cochin
is a major tourist attraction.
The houseboats glide on
the backwaters of Kerala,
with mind blowing view is
superb. The fascinating
coconut trees that line the
long stretches of calm
water for kilometers adds
to the fabulous view. Also
one can spot many birds in
the hidden corners among
the dense growth of trees
on the shores. The
backwaters have a unique
ecosystem-fresh water
from the rivers meets the
sea water from the Arabian
Sea.Many unique species of
aquatic life and a wide
variety of flora and fauna
live in and alongside the
backwaters.You can enjoy
boat rides from Kochi
backwaters to Willingdon
Place,the Jewish
Synagogue,Fort kochi
and bolgatty Island .
Cochin backwaters infuse a
new life and energy into
you.An ideal way to
unwind and relax in the
stunningly beautiful and
calm waters is by going for
a sale in Kochi back waters.
Colour Beaches of the
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Beach with White & Pink
World Famous Beach
How to plan your Beach
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My Accidental Nude
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visitors to enjoy the
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Kerala Backwaters
Fishing, Samudra Beach
nr. Kovalam, Kerala
Fishing Not to Spend the
Free Time
Kerala ,the most
enchanting tourist
destination provides
excellent opportunities for
fishing and angling.
Fishing in Kerala is termed
as open sea fishing and
the fishing village provides
fresh fish , fruit and toddy
(coconut beer). This tiny
beach is the focus of a
multimillion dollar
business,drawing thousands
of tourists for a two week
stay in paradise. The fishing
community in Kerala
belongs to the social
categories of Mukkuva &
Anjootty (Latin Catholic),
Dheevara (Hindu) and
The Chinese fishing nets
are one of the fascinating
attractions of Kerala.
Bamboo trap is a
traditional device for
capturing fishes from small
canals, streams and paddy
fields.Fishing in kerala
backwaters would be an
unforgettable experience in
one ’s life.kerala backwaters
also provide online
booking for an excellent
fishing tour.Enjoy a
wonderful kerala fishing
tour in the green little
paradise of kerala and get
an unforgettable holiday
package or you can enjoy
the fishing of local
Enjoy Your Holidays in
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