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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Wearing a quality bra takes
lots of pounds off you. You
look slimmer and younger
with the right bra. No more
worries about sagging
Men basically are visual
creatures. They are turned
on by what they see. More
importantly , the teasing
and expectation factor
generate more thrills and
excitement for him. It is the
anticipation that whets his
appetite and tantalize him.
There is such a wide range
out there that one can
simply get lost in it.
The trick is to find a bra
that convey sensuality,
femininity and class. You
shouldn't pick those that
convey an image of
slutishness or which give an
image of a whore.
Men are easily turn on the
female form . Buy a bra
that bares as much skin as
possible and yet teases him
by covering your assets.
You want to pick one that
men can find it easy to
take off. Imagine his
frustration during your
most intimate moments
and he is stumped by your
bra. Get a bra that
unhooks at the back rather
than the front.Both you
and your lover can take it
off in double quick time.
Pick a bra which is soft so
that he can feel your
bosom beneath the bra
and this is a merely a
preview of what is to come.
Men love lacy bras as these
convey a softness and
delicacy. Other soft fabrics
include cotton , silk and
Choose Lycra/Spandex as
they stretch and hug the
body and shows off your
curves. Lycra / Spandex
retain their shape better
too. Microfiber fabric is
made from ultra-fine man-
made fibers. It is super
lightweight , feels silky and
makes undergarments
mold to the body making
you look sexier than ever.
Bra with underwire will
also give support to your
breast and give a fuller
Buy bra with adjustable
straps so that there will be
no slack on your back. By
tightening the straps the
bra cups can be pulled
upwards giving you the
appearance of bigger and
perkier breasts.
Consider wearing demi bra
that covers your breasts
partially. It's a great idea as
it allows you to wear low
cut dresses or blouses and
maybe unbutton one or
two buttons on your shirt.
For women who want to
boost their assets, consider
getting a push up bra to
drive your man crazy . It
makes your cleavage fuller
and ample. Another bra
that does the same trick is
the padded bra. Some bras
may be filled with liquid to
enhance your assets.
Consider these gel filled
We come next to colors. I
find black, pink and red
very seductive and
Also consider choosing skin
tone colors. Men just go
nuts thinking you have
nothing on. Heighten the
excitement further by
going sheer. Furthermore,
skin color bra lets you wear
any outfit without the bra
being obvious.
Your clothing can be used
to further enchance the
sexy appeal of your bra.
You can either wear a sheer
white blouse with black bra
or the other way around.
It will surely get him
Expose part of your bra
when you are wearing
spaghetti or strappy dress
or blouse. Celebrities like
to show off their bra straps
too. Shakira, Avril Lavigne
and Jennifer Love Hewitt
occasionally show them
off. You can match the bra
with your clothing or you
can have contrasting colors
with your clothing and
match your bra with your
lipstick or jewelry color too.
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